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Enterprise Agility University

We understand your challenges in the market.

  • There is no differentiator from competition

  • The existing models and frameworks are too prescriptive and teams are resisting

  • In spite of well thought through implementation plans, programs are not delivering results

Well! Here is a program that can help you stand and deliver exceptional growth to your customers.

But first, please see what the participants are saying.

Participant Testimonials

"I totally recommend this program as it will help anyone who has a vested interest in organisational change, understand what hurdles are on the change journey and how to overcome them. It is very unique in the sense it uses a combination of Erich’s own research, and proven techniques as well as scientifically proven techniques."

- Greg Pitcher , Agile Leader and Transformational Coach, New Zealand

" I would definitely recommend the program, as to anyone as Agile coaches, Change managers, Senior managers, Program managers, Directors and other leadership roles in organizations. All of these roles of people will be able to receive real in depth knowledge what is Business and Enterprise Agility and how to implement on lower levels as well as higher level of hierarchy in their organization. They will learn how to Lead Exponential Change by mentally preparing the organization as well as employees and achieving high states of organizational health in the same time."

- Irena Pavlovska , Founder, AgileBalkans , North Macedonia

"The course is a Swiss army knife of change management and Enterprise Agility practices! The scientific approach to change management is a key differentiator. The neuroscience and social science based approaches in this realm are groundbreaking and will bring immense impact to organizations. "

-Toby V. Rao - Agile Leader and Transformation Consultant, USA

Across the world, many change programs fail to deliver effective results because they miss a critical ingredient, the mindset of the participants. Based on the research it is proven that without the necessary mindset shift, change does not become sustainable. This program addresses this critical gap and helps change consultants contextualize the need for change address the apprehensions of people in a step by step manner, converting the opposition to open support.

The program offers 17 hours of well research and unique content, spread across 6 weeks as weekly sessions; providing enough opportunity for the participants to implement the concepts and go through an immersive learning experience.

This is a very different and effective learning design and pedagogy based on decades of experience in organizational learning facilitation.

Listed price for this program in India is USD 750 + GST

What the participants get

  • Leading Exponential Change 2nd edition

  • Detailed session wise course material

  • Weekly 1 hour one to one coaching session

  • Access to Welo for attending the program

  • International Certification from Enterprise Agility University after successfully clearing the examination in week-6