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If you are a startup founder, you may be facing any of the following challenges

  • Great idea but do not know how to implement

  • Struggling to market and sell

  • Have customers but not able to deliver

  • Need money to grow

Join our Startup Agility program and you will start seeing results within 3 months!

" Any startup's seeking honest and straight forward guidance, Mr. Sridhar is the go-to person. He won't let you stay in your comfort zone and will give short, crisp and impact advice in one go. He has been the backbone in our journey of launching our product and being in revenues. " - Aman Kashyap , Entrepreneur, Options Trader

" Flt.Lt. Sridhar is a great mentor. He helped me grow network for my arts business. He always has positive attitude towards life. " - Manisha Kohli, Entrepreneur

" My experience of working with Sridhar has been very rewarding and enriching. He has brought a radically new perspective to my thought process. His guidance and mentoring has helped me to survive the initial struggle of a budding entrepreneur. " - Janaki Ramani K , Seasoned Digital Strategist

" He believes in KISS ( Keep it Simple Stupid) logic. ever since he started his own company he has advised me countless time on entrepreneurship, which really helps in moving ahead. " - Kalyaan Gogineni, Director , Petrel Logistics

Startup Services

Ideation Stage: Every startup must conduct the 4U test and the 4 types of viability test. Without this, many startups fail in spite of their enthusiasm and funding.

Business Model Stage: Many startups work with just 1 or 2 revenue streams and when that gets hit, they feel lost. It is always a good idea to plan and plug in multiple revenue streams at the planning stage itself.

Business Strategy: This is when the business model starts making sense and the start up is ready to scale up. Deciding what not to do is a critical success factor. Balanced Scorecard is a great tool for strategy deployment.

Marketing Strategy: Once the overall business strategy is finalized , the startup needs to finalize the marketing strategy and GTM strategy. This will help and ensure that we are following a step by step approach.

Operational Strategy: This is when the rubber meets the road and product reaches the customers. Most of the startups fail here, in spite of great strategies and products.

Pitching and Funding: Once the business model is proven and we have paying customers, a startup can start looking for funding. We should be able to tell a powerful story and substantiate it with strong numbers.

Sridhar helps in all these areas.

Your investment for this support would be

  • Weekly 1 hr discussion and action item implementation

  • Either INR 25,000/- per month or 1% equity in the venture