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Providing impetus to individuals and organizations for incredible results

" I have personally experienced and witnessed that his guidance has made a positive impact to the team and increased motivation. As a coach and mentor, Sridhar earns my heartfelt recommendation! " - Anirban Mondal , Associate Director - ValueMomentum

" He is a great mentor and a go to person for getting practical solutions for resolving team conflicts because of his wide hands-on experience. " - Jayesh Potdar, Sr Lead Analysis - ValueMomentum

" He comes up with pragmatic approach and innovative ideas to solve various problems faced on the field. The way he planned our operational processes was really commendable. " - Sri Ramachandra M - PLM Technology Consultant

Flt.Lt. Sridhar Chakravarthi Mulakaluri

Seasoned business leader and organizational change facilitator with 30+ years of experience in multiple industries, providing impetus to organizations and individuals for incredible success.

Sridhar is a Certified Leadership Coach, Certified SAFe Scrum Master & Certified Agile coach. He has successfully implemented management systems and process models including Agile methodology and frameworks across many organizations. Sridhar worked in Japan for 3 months practicing Kaizen and Kanban.

Sridhar worked as a business and management systems consultant with many IT firms, improving their processes and productivity. He uses multiple frameworks like Scrum, Kanban, ITIL, TOC, Risk Management, and change management models for the best results. Sridhar uses Design Thinking and Systematic Inventive Thinking for innovation.

Sridhar's philosophy: Sridhar strongly believes that leadership is ownership. Without the ownership to problem solving, any initiative becomes halfhearted. Taking a step by step approach brings in the necessary agility while managing risks.

Sridhar also believes that sustainable change - both individual and organizational - takes time. Just doing a few hours of workshop may kindle the curiosity of the participants but it never provides the scaffolding necessary for them to change. This kind of support can be best provided through a regular coaching process where the participants discover their internal barriers and work on them, building a new set of habits and behaviours.

Sridhar believes in pragmatic and practical approaches to problem solving and focuses on contextualizing the processes and framework. Rather than going by the book, Sridhar always looks for what works and then tries to improve the system step by step - through measurable interventions.

My Certifications

  • Certified Change Agent

  • Agile Coach

  • ISO31000 Risk Manager

  • SAFe Scrum Master

  • Lead Auditor ISO20000

  • Lead Auditor ISO 27000

  • Lead Auditor ISO 9000